Thursday, June 02, 2005

The preparation

Relocating to Dubai is going to be the ultimate challenge for me. The last time I was in Surabaya, Indonesia for 2 years...involved in a 1500MW (megawatt) power plant project. That was real fun..especially on the weekends..just a few hours away to Mount Bromo and Bali. I was in Dubai a few years ago..only for a week transit from Kuwait. It was already full of grandeur then. Anyway, told myself, for this long stay..I must have 3 things in place:
1. fitness facilities..already checked. There's a pool and jogging pathway along a river? within the location Im staying. In addition, they actually have fitness clubs and kick boxing classes in Dubai! Im impressed.

2. lots of sun-blocks, moiturizers...etc

3. lots of supplements..etc

That's all i need..the rest is secondary really. I won't miss laksa, kway teow..etc


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Meng Fei here, quite clean and neat layout, but why you didn't put your profile details and picture onto it? I think this is a must for every blogger, don't you agree?

Anyway be remember to update your dubai adventure everyday (if you can't, at least twice a week) so your old pal will miss you forever!

PS: I don't think you can't find laksa or char kway teow in dubai, because now we are talking GLOBALLY isn't it?

8:46 AM

Blogger black feline said...

very funny..anonymous but u published your name..My profile is simple and feline is my middle pic is found in the first posting..a black looking creature..that's me.Do you like the colour of my fur?
Will do daily much as possible.

12:25 PM


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