Monday, June 13, 2005


The Dutches of Bastakiyah!
Originally uploaded by lammtara.
This regal looking cat is found in Dubai. Our lonkang cats have lots of grooming to do.

Anyway,some crazy guy sent me a sms yesterday. Did a countdown by hrs for my departure this evening. Thanks to him..i had a severe head spin.


Anonymous Meng Fei said...

Yes, Meng Fei is that crazy guy who did the countdown, and this is the last crazy thing I did to you before you go, and of course I'll also do a countdown sms to you before you come back to singapore, keep your mobile on and see....

8:16 AM

Anonymous Diva Celeste said...

Dear Aladin

And I'd be counting the months til you're back with treasures.

Let us know how you settle in - cats like creature comforts, yeah?

9:11 AM

Blogger black feline said...


Who's Aladin? Im black feline here!

I saw pics of the place..very greek in design those white lodges u see dotting on most greek islands..the window in my room is facing a lake (man made?)

Meng Fei a bit pyscho leh! so scary!

9:15 AM

Anonymous Diva Celeste said...

Dear Black feline

Take a pixs of your new pat and scenery and upload mah.

What about food? no chinese sze char? All greek or Arab hah? ai yoh so kay poh.

When do you start work at office?All the best!

10:26 AM

Blogger black feline said...


The wife of the MD also there mah..employed as accountant..heard she cooked chinese for me..sandwiches, salad,western food...i can cook..simple and healthy..

10:49 AM


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