Friday, September 16, 2005

Who's the girl?

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Just a quick quizzie:

Who is the actress? which TV series? and her role in that show? answer correctly to all Qs will win u an interesting gift when i return. This quiz is only for those boring people back in Singapore...LOL

Anyway...price of bottled water will goes up here in Dubai...because of petrol hike..yawn..

According to research...the divorce rate in UAE is about 46%...infidelity mainly by the male species to be blamed..yawn




Anonymous meng fei said...

catherine zeta jones or jennifer aniston

10:18 AM

Blogger black feline said...

LOL...hahahahahahahahahaahhaha...i cant believe it...are u joking? or r u blind? hahahahhhhhhhahahahahahahahahaha...LOL...good try

11:42 AM

Blogger Kevin said...

wow, easy

Diana Rigg
The Avnegers
Mrs Peel


11:31 PM

Blogger black feline said...

well done...u must be from the 60s!
email me your details and u will receive a tiny gift...BUT u must be from Singapore to qualify..

7:53 PM

Anonymous Black Spider said...

Hey...I'm back !
I was about to guess that the woman was actually you - black feline in disguise as one of the angel in Charlie Angels TV series in the 70s? hahahahaha - but come to think of it - you would look more like pontianak if that's you in disguise..

Mr Feline, you kept mouthing this word - LOL ....what's that?

11:15 AM

Blogger black feline said...

ohmigosh! black spider..u are too long in the cave...LOL is net/chatonline or even sms jargon for laugh out loud....LOL....for u better go back to basic like can or not?

9:08 PM

Anonymous black spider said...

Ya...think maybe I've been spinning silk web inside the cave for too long...
hahahhahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahaha I get a tiny gift...cos I nearly guessed the mystery lady correctly right....

by the way, I'm from I qualify...

5:13 AM

Blogger black feline said...

sori..the winner is kevin..whoever he is..if he does claims his gift today..the tiny gift will be given to charity

11:15 AM

Blogger Kevin said...

Sorry, Black Feline, not from Singapore, but I like to support charities.

And I've been a fan of Ms Rigg since the 60's.

3:28 AM

Blogger black feline said... tell u the truth im not from that era much younger..but the 60s is really fascinating..the pop culture particularly. Emma Peel is iconic even today..midgets like michelle yeoh, zhang zhi yi, jennifer garner pale in comparison..her style is so cool..and she kicked butts..LOL

10:55 AM

Blogger kingfisher said...

Hey, BF, regarding your posted statistic about infidelity...

For every male involved in "infidelity" (assuming straight men) there is a woman...

Now, unless all these fellows are banging the same chick, then there are as many women to blame as men aren't there?

3:21 PM

Blogger black feline said...

good point...however birds like crows, pigeons, chickens, kingfishers...etc are not involved in the illicit activity. I suggest, u quarantine yourself for siberia..for your own safety. The bird flu might erupt into a pandemic.Hope u understand..LOL

5:23 PM

Blogger kingfisher said...


Do you know anything about penguin fidelity?

By the way, thanks for caring. This bird roosts at home...

11:06 AM

Blogger black feline said...

hello birdie,

do check out the movie "the march of the penguins"...a french production.Apparently, contrary to common belief...the emperor penguin is not as faithful as made to be..during the absence of the wife.who went hunting for food..this idiot emperor penguin indudges in orgy...with both the male and female species..dont quote me very scared of penguins!

12:43 PM


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