Friday, September 02, 2005

The wrath of nature

Originally uploaded by Mana Atashfaraz.
The calmness of a beach in Dubai...a stark contrast to what's happeing in New Orleans rite now...the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Spare a thought nice to your loved ones and live life to the fullest wherever u are...


Blogger BrainSyke said...

Katrina -- What a pretty name for a terrible disaster.

11:10 PM

Blogger clayfuture said...

I have a friend who stays in Louisiana. Fortunately, he is nowhere near the disaster areas.

New Orleans is a beautiful city, rich in history and culture. There were'nt any early predictions of the ferocity of this hurricane. As a result, so many people have died and cities and towns devastated.

10:03 AM

Blogger black feline said...

its really...wonder what the federal government is thinking..perhaps they are just as shocked....the reality is 65% of New Orleans are african american living below the poverty line..with all the anarchy, looting, rumored rape and murder...racism is screaming out loud! Bt the way, is New Orleans anything like what's portrayed in the new movie by Kate Hudson: The Skeleton Key? Voodoo, witchcraft, dark alleys...etc
As far as i is big there..u have Connick..he's from there i guess.

5:48 PM

Blogger clayfuture said...

I'm not exactly too sure about the voodoo and witchcraft stuff, but I've read in books about these things. It's all part of the culture. Strong influence of the French obviously enriched this city, and the Mardi Gras made it famous.

7:32 PM


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