Monday, June 20, 2005

off day in Dubai

Originally uploaded by Bruno Girin.
Had my first off last friday, 17 June. Went out with a filippino colleague Jose. Funny guy! He has 4 kids...the eldest 2 with 2 separate women..the last two with the present wife. We decided to roam Bur Dubai for a start..just an orientation. Be prepared..lots of sunblock! or hide under a tree or bush..or squat besides the shadow of a car if u want to survive your slow walk around town. Its scourging hot!

Had a wonderful set italian pasta cum salad n drink in a cafe inside Carrefour..only S$7 net! the salad is filled with veges of all sort..served in real ceramic plates unlike our pastamania..plastic plates back home!

Relaxed at the Marina off Dubai Creek...mainly for angmohs..very nice afresco cafe facing the sea...after 6.30pm..good place to watch the glorious sunset..and sipping champange..

Late afternoon...visited the Burjamun Shopping centre...mega mega ! all branded shops...u name it they have it..even a conveyor style sushi restaurant..

Next week, we shall visit the jumeirah beach where we can swim and view the beautiful Burj hotel nearby.


Anonymous Black Titu said...

Allo Mr Feline
Sounds really really hot stuff over there...think we'll be expecting to see a "cha-tar" african turban-clad cat by the time u come back...
BTW, is it possible to email the photos taken at food court to us? u have our email right ?

6:12 AM

Blogger black feline said...


ya coming soon..bit busy mah..

8:44 AM


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