Tuesday, June 14, 2005

A quick tour

Burj Al Arab
Originally uploaded by Curlylocks.
..took a 10 mins walk (more like a sprint!) under the scourging sun..the heat felt like needles on your skin...my lunch at a foodcourt..many indian stalls but very mediteranean in style..lots of salad/olive oil/vinegar/pita bread..etc
I tried the chinese fried noodles at 12 Dhm per plate..passable..by mainland chinese.Ok...they have movenpick, hardrock, planet hollywood,carrfour, branded goods, rude indian shop owners..rude fatimah mending the telecom counter for new SIM card..otherwise generally nice people..oh by the way, there's a beautiful man made lake around the place im staying...excellent for cycling, jogging and farting


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