Sunday, September 18, 2005

what's cooking?

his favourite goate
Originally uploaded by David Haberlah.
a former cook is being accused by his ex employer for breaching of contract by working for other competitor...rather strange...he's a sheperd now..unless he is cooking sheperd pie! Dubai.

Anyway, coming back to very very careful especially those of you who are planning to work here.A case in point:
A friend of mine from the little island joined a local company back home and came over here to work. Without his knowledge, a mandatory UAE employment contract was also submitted to the Ministry of Labour. The contract is totally different from the one he signed in Singapore..the terms and remuneration are much better than what he was getting ....and his signature was FORGED! He found out by some weird circumstances.Anyway, in such not panic. If you are terminated or decided to resign...the labour law honours the employment contract and overrides whatever is foreign..tell the boss straight in the face that it's a crime to forge..and do your bargaining then..if you like..ask him to give u a release letter and becomes a sheperd!


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