Friday, August 12, 2005

expatriate or expertriate?

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What is an expatriate?
By defintion: he/she is a person who leaves his/her native country to live and work in another.

In Singapore..somehow we got it all wrong...the expat(for short) is someone who is highly educated, huge remuneration package, preferably staying in district 11, dine in posh restaurants daily, member of exclusive club(s)...and must be caucasian...that's our misguided perception. Our foreparents who came from China or India..etc to Singapore to search for a living were the first expats...they were coolies and labourers...

In this aspect...the UAE and many countries, I think, got it right...

A taxis driver from Syria working in Dubai for the past 20 years is an expatriate....not only by definition but most importantly by recognition.

Next time when we visit little india or tekka back home....remember the so called foreign workers (labelled by our government)are expatriates too.


Anonymous meng fei said...

According your said, I'm a expatriate in Singapore lor?! Anyway tell me when you'll come back and I definetly will inform diva celeste....

8:50 PM

Blogger black feline said...

I dont really know about u...but a runaway convict is more apt for u..

6:31 PM


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