Friday, August 12, 2005

VAT and PROs....

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This piece of ugly beef zing is specially ordered for jennisia of TMP..and those who desperately need brain nutrients..for a good 25Dhm net (about S$12)...not too bad...I know back home at VINES u could get a set for the same amount..

In Dubai, the government is currently exploring the VAT concept..value added tax...which i think is inevitable...with all the developments...infrastructures, amenities..etc u need funds to pay for them...plainly speaking. Therfore, the easiest way out is to implement the VAT.Somehow, I think the top guns here should stay away from countries like Singapore...(half in jest).. too many stifling rules is a killjoy.

There are about 300,000 expat PROs (Public Relation Officers) in this country, according to a local report. No, Facheeha...they are not ladies wearing side split to the waist cheongsams working in certain cheap niteclubs in geylang.

The job of a PRO here is very vital...he/she is engaged by a foreign company to deals with various government agencies. However, as part of the new emiratisation policy...this job will be given to only the nationals. In Dubai, there are about 24,000 unemployed keep them oput of social mischiefs (coined by someone)...this direction might ease the problem a bit. In Carrefour, it's not unusual to see NOW...local ladies working at cash counters..for 3500dhm per month. However, the big question is what will happen to the expat PROs who will be phased out in a year? and are there sufficient locals, keen or unemployed who fit the bill?

Anyway, eat and shop as much as u can while u are here...otherwise, with the VAT haven Dubai will be history!


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