Friday, June 24, 2005

Bus, Taxis or abras...

The last entry was in arabic i think...just testing...anyway, the pic of the common transport here..the water nothing to do with the br.. i have to be careful with words here..just to let u know..the only internet provider engaged a proxy from USA(just like a spam filter) to manage the usage..I think the system is self monitoring..any sensitive words used..even the word fr***d i heard will result in even innocent sites been blocked automatically. Fyi, from your side, you can see all the beautiful pics on my blog..from my end i can only see the texts and X for pics...the expats here are fuming do me a favor..when u submit any four letters word pls..

to buy a big fat fish! This morning, went to the wet market with some's 10 times the size of ours in singapore...quite well maintained and organised...all stalls are mend by guys in blue...the fishes, vegetables, fruits, dry stuff are located at different parts of the market...and another section is strictly for scaling and cutting fishes..for that they charge about 50 cents per kg..

At the fishes counter....u will hear tick tock sound all over...loud and speedy...the guys are using knives and hammers to cut those big fishes....and they also provide wheelbarrow services...not for plants..but to transport your purchased items to the carpark..for a small fee of 20 cents, the guy will push for u..we should have that in singapore..create more jobs! so clever...

Meow...will go for my fish meal now!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

meow...hi blck feline,
do u miss us???....
can post photos wif u in them!!!
do u remember me?
piao yun! woof....

6:47 PM

Blogger black feline said...

piao yun,

u ungrateful one! why u no give me present? I no miss u leh..hahahahah
u dog is it? why woof woof?

9:39 AM


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