Saturday, September 24, 2005

Think Big....

In UAE, particularly Dubai...thinking big is almost an a positive way i think.I got a feeling the visionary must have caught a glimpse of the universe.Biggest, Largest..and Longest...perhaps..I mean the shawarma.

Dubai is hosting its Guiness World Records launch party tonight.Well, it's not out of the blue..they had done it before..many times in fact.To name a few.. which i thought are bizaare to say the least but nonetheless very original:
largest paper clip
biggest shopping bag
longest sofa
biggest cradle (big enuff for 50 babies)
My wish list for them:
Yes...the longest shawarma
biggest shisha
biggest tent from date leaves (suggested by my arch enemy balushit..LOL)
longest gold chain (they love gold here!)
In the meantime...our dear country should stop thinking local..longest popiah???? or what have u.If i have my way..i say let's do the longest cardboard white elephants round the island.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Longest gold chain has already been done in dubai..

10:22 AM

Blogger black feline said...

thanks for the taiwan, they actually produced wine with gold dusts floating inside the bottle..apparently the chinese, thru ages, believe consuming adequate amount of gold is good for health?

11:52 AM


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