Friday, October 21, 2005

Goodbye Joseph!

We scheduled to catch up two weeks sounded extremely feeble on the other end of the line..almost out of breath. I knew something wasn't right this time. The last time we met was one and the half year ago...i was shocked and commented you looked refused to go for the chermo and insisted on using alternative medicine till the end. I respected your choice.
At the last moment, you cancelled the were not well and you didn't want me to see your current your looked really terrible.
This evening at the wake service..i met your wife connie..i sensed a great burden lifted from her.
In the coffin...u looked were right..if i would have met you two weeks will surely break my heart.I feel sad and angry for you...still young and at the prime of your career...
Good rest joseph, my brother...will miss u alway!


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