Thursday, November 03, 2005

Betal Nut Beauties

Fanged Snow White
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Recently, there was a 2 cents worth debate in a blog about the problem of spitting in Dubai...very unsightly.. claimed majority. Generally,the main culprits are the indian and pakistani workers...My conclusion thus far..i think.. has to do with betal nuts chewing. In fact, in certain part of Indonesia, Indochina, Myammar...etc, it is not uncommon to see both the men and women chewing the nuts..resulting in bloody red stained teeth..and not forgetting the cloud nine intoxicating high feeling.In Dubai, they can get it cheap and any provision shop. After chewing...they will spit out the ghastly and stinking reddish chunk of saliva.
In Taiwan, it is an extremely lucrative trade for the locals...served by a belly of betal nut beauties in their most skimpish outfits..(
Therefore, to minimise this social habit in Dubai...i suggest education..and more more bins...OR maybe the product can carries a disclaimer stating it is harmful to health...sigh..a quick fix..a heavy penalty if u are caught spitting..period. However, it is perfectly alright to spit on the faces of some idiots..but make sure u have a pair of strong flee fast!


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