Monday, June 27, 2005

flagging a car...

Kamel mit Spuckschutz
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In dubai,traveling can be fun..really.

1. We have a company's car driven by a mohadin weekends no problem

2. water cross over to Deira from Bur Dubai at 0.5dhm.

3. public buses..not too bad..if u dont mind the squeeze in a bangladeshi in front and an indian behind..literally u are sandwiched...HARD!

However, last Friday..I found another exciting way to travel..flagging a car.You see, I visited the Jumeirah Beach Park..nice spot for swimming and picnic...mostly european crowd of all sizes and shapes. On the way back, I decided to go for the bus. Imagine a small bus stop with barely 3 semi spherical shaped roofs the size of an opened umbrella..each taken by 2 pakistani and myself..waited for nearly half an hr under the burning sun. One of them flagged a car and 3 of us decided to split the cost at about 2 Dhm each..otherwise a cab will costs about 20 Dhm each for the journey. The ride was smooth. Thank God! Next morning, I read on papers how a bangladeshi who did the same thing was robbed and badly bashed by the driver and gang. Phew! Anyway, flag at your own risk..or you could try the camel and let me know how's the hump!


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