Saturday, July 09, 2005

so surreal!

Originally uploaded by Juan Pardo.
i love this picture..definitely not by me!

Getting a haircut here can be traumatic for be prepared. Most of the barbers are indians or pakistani. They will size u up for a start..and direct u to the he will put on his white doctor's joke! it's the same..using the cropper..he will press it hard against your skull as if he is mowing your backyard smile..fierce looking eyes..constantly looking at the telly..some indian soap opera while he works on you..sometimes he just stop and totally absorbing in the climatic scene..for a moment he looks like hannibal lecter from silence of the lambs ready to rip off my skull..anyway for $4 u cant complain too's easy job for him..just shave thru..using number one cutter...all done in 10 minutes!


Anonymous black titu said...

Hello Black Feline
how r u ? so quiet right ? me v busy too...
soooo..we're still waiting for the pics leh...quick that you've got plenty of time in the mid afternoon...cannot be still busy right ?
titu hitam

8:18 AM

Blogger black feline said...

halo titu hitam,

heard your sista hum jin (cockle spirit) already kena cha kway teow izit? ya mid afternoon..bery hot! many workers on site's not the heat and humid..also the reflective heat from the sand..nowadays in the afternoon, i have light meal..a buffet salad with lots of veges/chicken/light pastas/fruits...only 3.50 singapore dollar and and 2 dollar for a soup of the day..excellent! the fotos coming soon!

6:02 PM

Blogger BrainSyke said...

Barbers sometime stand way too close to the chair. It always freaked me out as a kid! damn those perverts!

6:16 PM


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