Friday, July 01, 2005

For those looking high and low...

Originally uploaded by bint dubai.
Facheehah..this young man might be too young for u..sorry. But just to let u know..u are in for luck. Getting married to a local, i heard from my colleague, Mussa (50s lebanese jewish..looks like a mafia smoking cigar)is striking goldmine..the government will give the couple 70,000 dhm ( S$500 is about 1000 dhm, a piece of land or many other things) the way, this pic is cut and pasted..but if you look carefully..there's an email superimposed on the pic..u could try! Good luck!


Anonymous joe said...

so where is my dubai girls for me? haha. do u think is there any opportunity for me to work there in my profession. coz i heard they pay well there.

6:19 AM

Blogger black feline said...


I think the fitness industry is growing..many filipinos are here..they come over on social pass and then look around..your type might be laku here..the russian syndicate needs bouncers, pimps..etc u can try.

8:02 AM


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