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Mercato Mall

Merkato Mall
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If u are really on a budget OR game enuff to try the public transport..start from the Bur Dubai Bus Interchange..Bus 8 or 8A..will get u to Jumeirah..Mercato Mall within 15 mins..for only 2 Dhm. will be about 15 Dhm. One last bit..if u are tired of living.u could try the car pool..same bus terminal..4 to 5 strangers if u dont mind..same location..for only 5 Dhm.(Be warned: cases of robbery and assault..happened. Ladies..not advisable)
Mercato (italian for market) Mall is my favorite haunt over the weekend.
"This Renaissance style shopping centre certainly adds a bit of colour to the Beach Road, and is a worthwhile stop for those who love shopping. It contains over 90 up market outlets, as well as a Spinneys, a Home Centre and Virgin Mega store. Other smaller outlets sell a range of items including accessories, lingerie, designer clothing and shoes. There is even a whole shop dedicated t Barbie. There are also a number of Arabian gift outlets and a large Early Learning Centre. Several entertainment options are crammed in too, such as multi-screen cineplex and a children’s play area, as well as several food outlets (Paul Café is worth visiting for a rest from shopping and a delectable treat from their patisserie).Mercato is an inspired creation from the famous Italian architect, Daniele Morelli, a well-known Italian architect, who researched extensively to give shape to the vision of Mr Abdul Rahim Zarooni, the seasoned entrepreneur with an eye for artistic excellence.

The interior of the mall replicates the concept of several squares, the focal point of any Mediterranean town and the traditional location of the mercato , or market. Centuries ago, peasants would bring their goods to the mercato to trade. Inevitably, shops became permanent features, all facing inwards to attract maximum custom. Eventually, the mercato developed a sense of community and family, becoming a place where people met for coffee and talked for hours. And at sunset, the square would turn into a venue for events, festivals and concerts."
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Dont miss Paul Cafe...excellent food and perfect place for beautiful people gazing.Please dont dress down..u will be a sore casual will be picture perfect.


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