Monday, June 11, 2007

Dubai Metro

The Saeediya Station will be along the green line...and currently...looking out from my balcony...excavation work is on day and night...even during the wee hours....u can hear the pounding sound in your dream. Luckily, i doze off easily inspite of the irritating noise. Madam Tango left before she becomes crazy!
But I am a bit worried because the excavation work is less than 6 metres from the existing Musallah Residence where Im staying....yet to see any cracked line...touch wood. What about the foundation? will it not be affected ?or am I the only resident left because I noticed for the past 2 weeks.....most of the lights in the entire building were off? Anyway, some facts and figures of the Metro to excite you:
Features of the Lines:
Single largest automatic driverless system in the world
Red Line -52.1 km and 28 stations. These include 24 elevated and 4 underground.
Red Line - scheduled for completion on 9th September, 2009 while contract commenced on 21st August, 2005
The underground stations for the Red Line are Burjuman, Union Square, Al Rigga and Port Sayed
Green Line - 17.6 km and 14 stations
Hours of operation - 05H00 to 00H30
Average Speed - 40kph
Interchange underground stations at Burjuman and Union Square
Red Line:
5 car train - this includes carriage for VIPS, Women and Children
Fully Air conditioned trains and stations
Retail facilitates at stations
Green Line:
3 car train - this includes carriage for VIPS, Women and Children
Fully Air conditioned trains and stations
Retail facilitates at stations


Blogger Peter said...

Lucky for you that you are a good sleeper even with noice! (So am I.)

Trust that the building will not suffer. On which floor are you?

Could the reason to the empty and "private" swimming pool also be that a lot of people have left the building?

OK. I should not make you nervous with my questions. I trust that all precautions have been taken and when it's finsished you will bery close to the metro station!

3:00 PM

Blogger Cergie said...

WAOW ! I cannot even imagine the noise !
I am so ennoyed with the birds singing early in the morning in my garden !

Ahahah !
Poor Black Feline !

Nevertheless it will be finished one day
(I'm happy to know now how is your surrounding)

4:27 PM

Blogger Stephen Bess said...

We have the "Red Line" here in DC. I take it daily to work and home. I get some of my reading done on the trip.

12:24 AM

Blogger Peter said...

... and cergie is complaining about birds singing in her garden! It's a provocation for someone living in the city!

12:32 AM

Blogger San Nakji said...

I am a huge fan of metros! I will be heading to Dubai as soon as I can!

6:59 AM

Blogger junebee said...

Separate cars for women and children, they have that in Japan, I believe. It would never fly in the U.S., the radical feminists would cry discrimination, though many practical women would surely appreciate it.

9:04 PM

Anonymous dreaming said...

Hello, glad to see the excavation work in Saeediya Station. jealously! You just live so close to the site. My friend is working in there. I will ask him about your worries. And I will tell you if you have to move out from your apartment =) Your photo is really cool. Site photos at night time is better than day time. I see there should be four small sites around the road junction. Did you see the Cutter Machine? The one with big wheel on top and bottom machine with grey colour & orange stripe. Looking forward to see the photosss with the Machine...view at night time would be better. ha ha...

2:51 PM

Anonymous Co Tim said...

Woah, I thought traffic over here was bad.... seems like in Dubai, they're not that much different hahahah

9:16 AM

Blogger San Nakji said...

I saw an article in the paper yesterday about the tallest building in the world in Dubai. Could you possibly get a photo of that please? I would love to see it!

1:01 AM

Anonymous ☼☼☼ said...

Hello, how far is from burjuman to Saeediya?

2:47 PM

Anonymous Dubai Property said...

And More Good News
The sweaty citizens of Dubai (completely inaccurate - the runny residents would be more like it) are soon to enjoy the benefits of air-conditioned bus shelters. An advertising company - of course, what other organisation could do such a thing - has been given a 10-year Build/Operate/Transfer contract to provide this facility (Emirates Today). They will initially be managing 500 out of Dubai's 1,500 bus stops. Locations are not yet decided, but if it's advertising-driven you can bet that Sonapur / Al Quoz / Al Ghusais won't be on the list.
It's all very fine, very high-tech. But I was thinking a while ago, when this concept was first mooted. Air-conditioning only really works in closed environments. The flimsy, uninsulated glass and metal structures that we use for bus shelters now (and that the new operators are proposing) are not really suitable - the energy cost will be very high.
So why not have a look at the traditional architecture of the region. Wind towers should work superbly well. You need some solid mass in the structure (absorbs the coolness of the night and slowly radiates it during the day, thereby offsetting the solar heat gain), but the wind towers deflect any breeze downwards and get the air moving. Operational energy cost: nil.
Or have a look at other alternative cooling methods (evaporative cooling is an excellent one). Combine that with solar power and you might be able to provide cool bus stops that do not require the construction of a new power station (exaggeration!). Operational energy costs: a fraction of air-conditioning.
Either way, it troubles me that the ad company are saying they'll have stuff like recycling bins at these shelters, implying that they have
some interest in the environment, when their actual solution is such a serious energy guzzler - and it's actually completely the wrong solution.

5:58 PM


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