Sunday, June 03, 2007

My Private Pool....

Well almost....kiki the birdie has also chosen to make the pool her permanent home. With a bit of celebrity status that she's enjoying now...the diva has gone bonker! Two weeks ago, she actually bite my finger when I tried to give her a piece of apple.
Anyway, the pool is on the 14th floor....the smaller one is a jacuzzi. Normally, I am alone. The other residents...mainly europeans choose to come out in the evening when the sun has gone home....for fear of skin cancer i think. Perfect for me! I stopped going to the beach....overcrowded. And with the new "what you should and should not wear on the beach" code..I think it is better to stay away...otherwise some idiots might report you to the petrolling police for indecent exposure! Having said that...there are really some idiots on the beach...u know who u are.....who couldn't care less even if there have nothing on! I have seen one fat couple who stripped to the butt....oblivious to those around. Subsequently, I had nightmare for a week.


Blogger Peter said...

A swimming pool for you alone!! Lycky you are!

(I did not find the bird.)

12:31 AM

Blogger Drama Div@ said...

yeah... it's summer time.. time for skimpy bikini... hihi

11:29 AM

Blogger Abraham Lincoln said...

I certainly enjoyed reading your story about the pool and the fat couple and your nightmares. LOL

Abraham Lincoln
Today I show Two robins fighting and I managed to capture them in the act.
Brookville Daily Photo

1:31 PM

Blogger Cergie said...

Ahaha ! Make me remember i was last week near Zhuhai in a warm spring mzaritime center. It was great and I had head and feet massages

Ouch ! They were strongly done !
You are lucky having a swimmingpool
And yet I thought that cat does not like water ?

12:13 AM

Blogger junebee said...

Yeah, I avoid the beach too. Very crowded. We have an enormous pool right here in our development. No need to spend expensive gas for a drive to the beach in sweltering weather. We just walk to the pool from our house.

4:47 AM

Blogger San Nakji said...

Yuck! No one should have to see that! Stay safe with your pool!

6:55 AM


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