Thursday, April 26, 2007

Festival City....

Latest attraction in Dubai: The Festival City. I was there last week...actually to buy some cheap stuff from the big IKEA next door. Impressive design...massive building...and it is not even completed yet! You need a map (yes it's provided) to just walk around. There's a canal outside with a fleet of Abras (water transport) to transport guests along it. Nice.

I think it will take on a different look in the evening..sipping coffee at the alfresco cafe..watching those tourists on the Abras waving to u..i imagine myself lifting the middle kidding!

A Festival of Sport was held earlier...currently it's Festival of Art. I guess the "brilliant" people who came up with this concept will have to come up with a theme every month..rather tiresome i think!
Check out the following:


Blogger Cergie said...

I like the picture at the left side
These pictures are so joyful, the post is joyful too
Do you remeber when you were posting so terrible photographh eremaining such a long time on your blog?
You have IKEA in Dubai ?
You sip cofee, not only tea !!!
I would like to be there near you and see by my own your world...

12:18 PM

Blogger San Nakji said...

I love that you introduce us to all these amazing places. Dubai really is the living Disneyland!

5:28 AM

Blogger black feline said...

cergie...u know summer is around the preparing for a great sunny season!
nakji...come in yr 2010...The Universal Theme Park at Dubailand will include KING KONG, JURASSIC PARK, MUMMY, SINBAD...etc

3:17 PM

Blogger Kanlaya said...

Think a bit late for post but late better than never ever :-)

Hey! showing middle finger, I bet it's illegal in Dubai!! hehe as other things that the rest of the world think it is okay to show our emotion or angry..but here in Middle East! anyway..that the way it is :-)

Love the lelf photos!!! and lovely story..

1:13 PM


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