Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Careful the brain!

If you are not careful...the heat will eat into your brain! You will get irritated easily over trivial matters. You feel tired and have no appetite for anything. And soon you begin to question your sanity.."What am I doing here?" Luckily, I am a "sun" person if you know what i mean. A quick change in your lifestyle for at least 3 months will do the job really. My daily regime during this period of the year is: drink lots of water, juice and green tea..eat lots of green salad and fruits (if u don't have the time to prepare..Spinney's salad bar is convenient, fresh and cheap), no oily and fried stuff, less meats ( but fish is great!) and exercise! At least twice a week..I will escape to one of my favorite haunts..Al Qasr Resort for a breather.


Blogger Peter said...

I have been carefully watching your blog for months ... and nothing! Then I left for vacations and suddenly you have started to post again! Nice!! Happy to see (and your driver) back!!

1:19 PM

Blogger 3anooda said...

Im back to blogging as well - have to admit that i really missed it.

3:07 PM

Blogger Cergie said...

I'm sure I'ld like heat in such places. Just sitting in the shade near a swimming pool or a river. Nothing to do else than read a book and sip a sweat mint tea.
Yes I would like it. Just a little time however. I've too much to do !

(Summer was not hot at all in France this year. And it is almost finished now)

7:03 PM

Blogger Peter said...

A long pause again? Too nice these resorts?

12:37 PM


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