Friday, January 04, 2008


My driver is like a little boy...he was overjoyed when I told him we were going to Hatta on New Year Day. Anyway, it's my fifth trip. I love that place...just about one and half hour from Dubai. A great getaway from all the hustle and bustle of life...especially in Dubai. The Dam is a definite must-see. If you look closely at the photo...u could actually see some humans roaming near the

On that day...I almost have the entire dam to myself . What a bliss...I thought. While i was enjoying the view...a cruiser pulled over...and a loud blast came out from the vehicle's audio. I recognised the bollywood beats. Suddenly, two guys jumped out from the car...started dancing...and gyrating to one another...oblivious to my presence. It was comical to say the least. Im sorry to say...the horrible dancing was further compounded by two ugly looking creatures. Before I could picked up my dropped jaw...they jumped into the car and drove off! About 30 metres away...the car stopped and the two idiots jumped out and repeated the same routine all over again! I told myself if they repeat the stupid act one more going to pick one of the big stones around and.................

P.S: My dear Peter...that gadget is for massaging. What it actually does is to vibrate the hand which in turns vibrate the head, shoulder when in contact...:)


Blogger bintang said...

Wow nice pic
Just browsing aroung trying to find information about Dubai :)

Pic about Al Ain are fantastic

7:11 AM

Blogger Peter said...

Must be a place to visit, especially as water must quite rare around there! Surprising then also that it's not so much visited! Amazing green colour! Is this normal, low of high level of water for the dam?

... and you have a driver! I don't even have a car (any more) - and happy about it!

1:13 PM

Blogger Drama Div@ said...

you went to the dam?. oh forgot, now it's winter!! :P

7:30 AM

Anonymous Kanlaya said...

ahh..finally the answer of the small gadget!! a bit weird to be massaging, isn't it?? but you know better! ;-)

Was in the Hatta Pool a few times before, had same experience! gosh those people really don't know why people going there! because of they need peaceful..and appreciate the scenery, but some idiot don't have that respect to others.anyway..

right then, Have a good New Year!

5:01 PM

Blogger Cergie said...

How green and beautiful is the water ! Today, I was trying to find where is what we call "mer de Jade"
Mer = sea
Because I've a picture from a harbour in France which is exactly that colour. This "Mer de Jade" is a large salted lake in Kenya in fact...

Have an Happy Year 2008, Black Feline
Full of Joy, love and friendship

8:35 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would have to say that water is like gold where you live and this might be a photograph of the national treasury. And it is so green. Nice photos and interesting narrative.

4:06 PM

Blogger babusyed said...

is the dam on the regular "tourist" circuit? or do we need local guidance to reach the dam? local "guide" available for help?
dear pioneer,
pls email @

4:23 PM


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