Monday, September 29, 2008

A blue camel!

lol....just kidding. But seriously, it was a pleasant surprise to see a couple of demure camels in a shopping mall....specifically at the Deira City Centre. Both the kids and adults alike love the idea. I bet the camels love it too...away from the heat for a change.


Blogger 3anooda said...

poor things i can just imagine them freezing their humps off from the cold. they are not used to it

1:33 AM

Blogger Abid said...

Yeah...I don't think the camels enjoy the cold as much as we do :)

3:44 AM

Blogger xohaib said...

The snap is very nice, I like it very much, thanks for sharing.

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4:25 AM

Anonymous Careers Nigeria said...

Hi There !!

The picture is nice and the idea of blue amel is really nice :D

Yep, you are right watching Camel is really very funny.

10:27 AM


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