Sunday, October 05, 2008

Burj Dubai Tower Revisited

It's still awesome...viewed from the Al Bahar Souk. Somehow, it has this mersmerising effect on you. I just can't explain it. Maybe it's the strong coffee or just the heat! lol


Blogger 3anooda said...

everything about dubai mesmerises me. i guess its all the artificialness and how amazing it has become the norm

1:40 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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12:23 PM

Blogger Peter said...

... in any case, amazing!!!

1:41 PM

Blogger Rakesh Vanamali said...

Imagine the view from atop the tower when complete?

Good pictures!



12:57 PM

Blogger whoissecretdubai said...


Do you, by any chance, happen to know who Secret Dubai (the blogger: is?

3:46 AM

Anonymous Sylt Ferienwohnung said...

Dubai really is a place that is near comparison with European countries like Germany. Good and clean place, high rise buildings galore. The only difference is the snow.

9:27 AM

Blogger Peter said...

After some three months, time for a new post? How is your driver doing?

3:56 PM

Blogger fr7ty said...

السلام عليكم

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12:55 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its really amazing place. Yes your right dude :-). Thanks to share these amazing pictures.
Mohammad Zohaih Khan from Atlanta

12:19 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your blog is vey nice & informative. I always appreciate your work. Snaps are awesome. Thanks to the sharing.
Mohammad Zohaib Khan from Atlanta

11:57 PM

Anonymous One World Travels said...

or maybe its simply the brilliant architecture? :) Lovely pictures black feline.

- Casey Andrews

3:11 PM

Anonymous Cosmos Star Consultants said...

Fantastic pictures of Burj Dubai! Every time I pass by it I am left wordless with my mouth hanging open :) Can't wait for it to complete.

3:14 PM

Blogger USpace said...

Great pictures, beautiful buildings. I hope you are well.

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9:04 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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9:27 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The snaps are very beautiful, I like your blog very much.

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4:21 AM

Blogger Hasan Mubarak said...

It is amazing; no doubt about it! :)

2:53 AM

Anonymous Careers Nigeria said...

Hi There !!

It looks really amazing. The places in Dubai is really very nice to view especially their constructions is amazing.

10:25 AM

Anonymous オテモヤン said...


5:22 AM

Blogger dubai-forever said...

The Burj Dubai Skyscraper, now renamed as Burj Khalifa Tower, is indeed an architectural marvel. Built upon a solid foundation of scientific knowledge & facts, it has been a feat to accomplish. The views atop the Observation Deck on the 124th floor are beautiful. One can actually get the feeling of the Earth's circularity. You can check out some of my pictures from "up there". The tallest building Dubai or the world has built, clearly inspires a feeling of awe.

Shabbir K.

10:53 AM

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