Thursday, July 21, 2005

Frenzy week!

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If I am a camel...I will kick many butts...heard the feet pretty strong. anyway, this is a crazy week!

The manpower situation is pure alibaba..many agents with registered companies claimed to have 500, 600 workers...all with proper, labour card, passport..etc when they submit the documents of said 50 workers to you..if you dont check carefully..each of the worker is from different company! Not directly under the company u have a contract. Subsequently, when discovered by the client at the site..24 hrs dismissal! For me, I normally do my due this is not an issue.

However, I had 20 workers from a particular agent who failed to turn up one day..just disappeared! I found out later, the stupid company failed to pay them for 4 they decided to walk off.

The weather is getting bearable..still at 40 degree..however, the cases of heat stroke has reduced.

On the other hand, there is a minor outbreak of chicken pox! We have two workers from our base camp who are infected. Immediately, I put them in an isolated room. Sent them to the clinic. The prescription for chicken pox is extremely expensive..about 200 dhm. Hope they have a good 10 days rest given by the doctor.

Will have a good break tomorrow...


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