Friday, July 15, 2005

Hot! Hot! Hot!

Chicken Salad
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The temperature is rising...and no sign of stopping! Currently, it's about 44 degree..extremely humid..and on site..the reflective heat from the fine desert sands is's like hell! Im sure that place is worst..what we experiencing rite now is only a tip of the iceberg. On site..many workers under the heat had to be brought to air-con rooms to take a long break before they suffer extreme heat a typical room..u can see rows and rows of workers lying corpses! I thought I was in a disaster scary! By the way, I was there to offer joke! It's goin to lasts for at least 2 months..heard could reach as high as 50 degree! and fyi, if you need hot water..the toilet flush is just as good!

This month, changed my lunch diet..eating very light..this italian cafe offers buffet salad with all the green veges, beans, chicken, pastas etc..for only 7 dhm..about S$3..another S$2 for a soup...excellent! a cybercafe..owned by a chinese from the same time, the lady boss is doing massage for her fellow men..good idea!

Anyone remember the silly game musical chairs? it seems the kids here go gaga over it! in many shows at mega of the main activities is that round and round while the music of beyonce is playing..parents fighting for their kids to play..some resolved to dirty tactics to ensure their kids stay till the clueless!!!!!!!


Blogger Annete said...

Hi There !!

Thanks for the post. I heard tha Dubai is very hot always. How you people are able to stay there ?

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