Friday, July 22, 2005

Sherlock Holmes and the courtly lady

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As Sherlock will always said to his sidekick: "Excellent! Watson"

Back to that later...

Good News! Found my personal barber..a pakistani young guy..only S$4..he fully understood my requirements..all round number 01..and on the sides number 00..

Found two gems in Dubai today.

Along Bastikiya..the old souk..besides the Dubai Museum...lies the Basta Art Cafe..runs by a french (i think) lady..she's a younger and slimmer version of meryl streep..converted muslim..with a lovely scarf covering her head..she has a certain aura of a movie star..friendly..yet not too friendly..aloof like nicole kidman. The place is an oasis..with a large courtyard and a tree in the middle..alfresco cum morrocan seating also has a gift shop selling all her own made knick knack, accessories...etc Heard even the french actress amelia Toutou was there not too long ago..(amelia will be appearing in Dan Brown"s The Da Vinci Code)..

Acroos the road is the Arabian Court hotel...on the M floor is the Sherlock Holme English leather with classic timber furniture...satin wall papers..a zany bartender/captain..from Romania..the lunch buffet is a steal..assortment of breads, salad (one type), baked potatoes, pasta (one type) and roast one complimentary one pint Foster's lager..all for only S$8 net!


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