Friday, July 29, 2005

New idea for our economy

A fantastic story from the NY Times’s Juan Forero:

EL ALTO, Bolivia - In her red multilayered skirt, white pumps and gold-laced shawl, the traditional dress of the Aymara people, Ana Polonia Choque might well be preparing for a night of folk dancing or, perhaps, a religious festival.

But as Carmen Rosa, master of the ring and winner of 100 bone-crunching bouts in Bolivia’s colorful wrestling circuit, she is actually dressing for a night of mayhem.

With loyal fans screaming out her name, she climbs the corner ropes high above the ring, bounces once for momentum and flies high, arms outstretched for maximum effect. To the crowd’s delight, the dive flattens her adversary, María Remedios Condori, better known as Julia la Paceña (Julia from La Paz).

This, ladies and gentlemen, is “lucha libre,” Bolivia’s version of the wacky, tacky wrestling extravaganzas better known as World Wrestling Entertainment in the United States and Triple A in Mexico, which serve as a loose model. But there are no light shows, packed arenas or million-dollar showmen.

The newpapers with its free magazines especially on the weekend (Friday) are, plainly speaking, thousand times better than our mediocre straits times, TODAY..etc after so many years we are still fed with boring local many times do u and i need to be reminded we have chicken rice and chay kway teow? it's about time they give us international or regional news, written by their own staff.Otherwise, I suggest u dump them.I alway look forward to all these free mags..and with a cup of aromatic coffee..make it two.Today, read this interesting article...look at the flying charbo!

Anyway, i think women wrestling bolivian style might work in Singapore. TMP, take note, this might revive your popularity in the market. For a start, i have short listed a few likely candidates for such fun time: facheehah, jenisia, lori chia, linda, agnes, black titu, need wrestling gears..just as they are...look at the bolivian ladies...dressed as per normal..after the brawl..continue with the marketing.


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