Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Ramen on your face!

This is the funniest news I have read so far..and it's real:

A lady passenger (thai) was using her mobile on board a budget airline in Bangkok..she was told by an air stewardess to switched off. Next moment, she ordered a bowl of instant noodle..not sure which brand..must be the extra spicy type..from the same stewardess...

She smashed the piping hot noodles onto the stewardess' face..ooch!! she was angry with her for being rude...

Now, they are sueing one another..the culprit? hahahahah...claimed she was provoked!

Anyway...this is certainly a new way to get back on those who bother u too much....NOT FOR CHILDREN!


Blogger Annete said...

Hi There !!

It is really funny. Thanks for sharing with us.

5:31 PM


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