Sunday, November 06, 2005

Stu Lloyd...when are u coming to Dubai?

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Out of 10 expats (caucasians specifically)I met (No...not on the road...some are friends).. at least 8 will bitched about this and that in Dubai..f##king weather, boring place, rude people, traffic jam, escalating rental, stupid policies, 1st class facilities..third world mentality...lousy remuneration..etc...blah blah blah
If only they know..things are very different on the other side of the globe..Asia..their poor cousins,
unlike years ago, are getting local package for a two year big car, no big house, no more sarong party girls left and right, no big fat pay check..etc BUT they are adjusting very well! Stu Lloyd should make a trip here..soon..and teach us all how to take life with a barrel of salt! Life is too short to rant and bitch all the time..anyway, how many of us is going to stay here for life? We are in transit.
By the way..Stu Lloyd is the author of the very wicked, hilarious books "Hardship Posting" - True tales of expat misadventure in Asia.( it out!


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cute T..LOL

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