Thursday, February 23, 2006

Excuse me, are u the sponsor? Part 02

I was dazed momentarily. "Yes..a dance party!" Musa grinned. I looked at him and thought...this guy is full of shit!
You have to give it to him...Mr. Saheed is an extremely shrewd businessman. Once, he convinced the wicked twins (boss and his wife) to allow his 'friend' to supply labour directly to the company. For each worker, he received 1000 Dhms from the agent. To date, he had supplied 50 workers..within 2 months!
Initially, I was quite puzzled by his insistence to recruit workers from Punjab, India. Traditionally, most of them are recruited from Madras, Tamilnadu..etc..mainly from the village.
For the first batch of 10 workers, he requested that i receive them at the 1am! Under normal circumstances, I rather count sheep but in this instance I relented because he promised me a dinner at the Meridien.
At the entrance of the Arrival Hall... the waiting area on the left is designated for the ladies only. I was shooed away by the officer.
When they stepped jaws almost dropped....10 young, impeccably dressed (see pic here..almost)...are they movie stars from Bollywood or models on assignments in UAE? I thought...Mr. Saheed..these guys are here to work under the scourging sun?????????? They are going to cry when they know the truth!!!!!!
I told them to get ready the next morning by 7am sharp (thank God, my driver did a good translation). And you know what? one of them actually left with a relative in Dubai for a full day shopping trip to Sharjah!!!!!
"Musa..tell Mr. Saheed if it is at the Hatta Resort..fully paid..I will be there for the dance!"


Blogger Raheel said...

lolz @ bollywood stars :P

12:28 AM

Blogger black feline said...

serious..6 mths later...those poor boys shredded i bet at least 7 kg each..darker (those from Punjab are fairer)...but with sad and dull eyes. sigh :(

3:50 PM

Blogger kingfisher said...

BF - are you sure you were not sleeping?.. and dreaming...?

9:36 AM

Blogger black feline said...

i hope i was sleeping then :) but i pinched myself blue and it must be true..otherwise they would have engaged me for the series "LOST"..or maybe im really in

9:42 AM

Blogger MD said...

oh dear...what a rude shock :S i interviewed this guy last week and i asked him why he left india and came to dubai to look for jobs and he said, 'i was on visit here last yr and i simply loved it'. to which i replied...don't look at the gloss of shk zayed road and think that's ur lifestyle. living in dubai is way different than visiting dubai. poor guy got scared lolll so i covered it up by saying 'oh well, we all have to adapt right? so it shouldnt be that bad' LOL :P

1:48 PM

Blogger black feline said...

md...u are right..many of them have no clue what they are here for...they probably think all the roads here are made of gold and pearl..tragic..

7:24 PM


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