Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Big Bus

Last year, a couple of friends asked me an impertinent question, I thought. "What can u do in Dubai? It's all desert!" First, I don't work for the tourism dept of Dubai and second, if u have pre-conceived idea what a place will be's really a futile exercise for me to convince u otherwise.Anyway, out of courtesy, i suggested a short trip of 4 days (free and easy) to check it out for themselves before leaving for their main trip to Spain.
Knowing for a fact they are spoilt to the core and have weak legs..and I was extremely busy during that period..I managed to con them to try the BIG BUS tour..all of Dubai within a day on a double decker bus with an open top. In fact, I did it twice...value for fun fun! It's basically a hop-on, hop-off trip...point to point. Example, if u like a particular spot..Bastikiya...hop off then..come back later to hop on again. It covers both the city and beach...u get to see most of the scenic places in Dubai..within a day.All that and more..for only 140 Dhms! They loved it!
Some pointers to remember:
Put on comfortable/casual attire... good walking sandals/shoes, a hat, sunglasses.
For ladies, carry a tote bag if possible for: sunblock, mineral water, digital camera with extra batteries, a fan (if u are japanese...hahahaha), a small towel, fruits to munch. For guys, a neat slingbag will be nice too...with the same items.
For guys, if u must wear bermuda shorts or 3 quarter pants...please do not wear full length socks (esp black!) with your whatever's so hillbilly! get a pair of ankle socks instead.
hmmmmmmm....i might hop on the bus again...soon!


Anonymous meng fei said...

Yes! this is the article I always request from u... like a lonely planet guide....funny and humorous...hope you can make/digest a series of such work...

7:29 PM

Blogger black feline said...

yes..noted..will do my best.

7:31 PM

Blogger San Nakji said...

well, i know there is desert there, but I also know there is an awesome city. one day i hope to get there. so what is 140 Dhms worth?

5:40 AM

Blogger Curt Hopkins said...

I'm a word guy, but dagnabbit! More photos. I wonder if Dubai is capturable in words? Maybe the interior life is for words and the exterior for photos? Ah, what do I know?

5:47 AM

Blogger black feline said...

that's about 40USD..not too bad...there's another trip called the wonderbus tour...a land and sea trip..on this amphibious bus that travels on land and sea!
u can check this out:
Yet to try it!

5:55 AM

Blogger black feline said...


thanks for popping by..that's why we need writers like u...i believe Dubai is capturable in's a melting pot of people from all over the world..there are many i encountered..the so called common drivers, labourers..who have extraordinary stories to taxi driver from dubai for the past 30 yrs..he witnessed the history in the making...frame by frame...he shared about the blood, sweat and tear..

6:06 AM

Blogger BrainSyke said...

That is neat! when did hey start this bus tour. It wasnt there when I was in UAE..about 6 years ago :=\

8:30 AM

Blogger black feline said...

i suppose couple of years back..not too sure. Back in Singapore..we have similar is called the Hippo bus only for land..the other is the Duckie bus..for both land and sea..The Big Bus Tour is originally from UK..i think. Tourists from Japan love

9:00 AM

Blogger MD said...

i always see these buses and they really do look like SO much fun :P though i never really inquired abt it. my frnd, who is new to dubai, was asking me how much it costs and how does he get on the bus but i had no clue at all :P spoilt in dubai :)

i think i shud try this on my bday :P

8:30 PM

Blogger UaeBelle said...

I've seen them around a lot!
It seems to be fun!
Especially when the weather is great now ;)

2:05 AM

Blogger Crystal said...

The hop-on hop-off concept is really great and I did a bus tour like that when I was in Paris years ago. It was wonderful for getting a full overview of the city and major sights. I hope your friends had a great time!

4:38 AM

Blogger black feline said...

I heard the wonderbus is also a blast...imagine on land and sea..this shark looking bus! It's like one of those bat mobile..i imagine..with many

6:20 AM


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