Friday, January 12, 2007

Long Live Instant Noodle!

"Japan has bid farewell to Momofuku Ando, known as the inventor of instant noodles that have become a global household product, after he died aged 96.
Ando died of acute heart failure on Friday, said Nissin Food Products Co, the company he founded in 1948 in the aftermath of World War II and built into a multi-billion dollar empire.
Japanese newspapers published lengthy obituaries of the businessman on Saturday with the influential Asahi Shimbun praising him for bringing "instant noodles to the world and into space....."
Who has not tasted instant noodle before?
I am not a fan of it but like someone said " A place without felines is like a face without eyebrows!" Similarly, you cannot dismiss the ubiquitous Instant's everywhere...including Dubai.
Let see.....for me...when I'm too lazy to cook or to buy a meal...just need a quick slurp..Instant Noodle works for me. Normally, I will only put in half the satchet of the flavored powder. And will add in lots of greens including spring onion...finely chopped. One hard boiled egg...and thin slices of boiled chicken meat. And most importantly...I WILL NOT DRINK THE SOUP AT ALL! On the average, my consumption of this plastic tasting stuff is limited to about less than 10 packs a year. In Dubai, I have yet to discover my favorite korean brand..SHIN CUP. Really hot and spicy...tangy texture and enough kick to give you the most satisfying meal for a while.
Anyway, it is equally hard to get good authentic japanese ramen in Dubai. In fact, some restaurants have the audacity to pull a fast one by serving you Instant Noodle in a beautiful bowl!
Wonder what's your harrowing experience with the Instant Noodle? Care to share? :)


Blogger San Nakji said...

Koreans will swear blind that they invented the instant noodle! I am glad to see you love Shinramyeon. However, in a cup? Yuck! The only type of noodle to have is the packet into a pot kind. I have a hole box of shinramyeon here. In fact I think I will eat some now ;)

PS You don't blog enough!

11:37 AM

Blogger San Nakji said...

Oh yeah. Harrowing experience? Well, I once had to live off instant noodles for more or less 3 months! That didn't really compare with my KFC experience, which was so, so much worse. In fact, I think I may blog about it!

11:39 AM

Blogger Cergie said...

OUAIS ! You are right
Felines are honey of the life

Instant Noodles are so practical for students, my daughter used to eat them because she had just a chamber first, and that needs just a kettle.
For me I never cook them, I find they are not so tasty and because we are a family it's ever necessary for me to do a good cooking

(In fact, I don't like all noodle I cannot swallow it)

11:52 AM

Blogger junebee said...

I was never a big fan of Ramen noodles, though I note their place among college students, the lazy, and those on a strict budget.

Too much sodium for me :(. I like your healthy version, though. I will have to try that if I'm ever needing to eat them again.

I got some interesting kinds of noodles at the Chinese market. One kind had curry in them, they weren't bad. They must have a hundred kinds of instant noodles at the Chinese market. There is a whole wall of them at the back of the store.

6:32 AM

Blogger Dr@ma Div@ said...

i went to a boarding school last time. i still remember, at nite after finished studying, we always had the instant noodle... since we dont have a proper stove to cook, we will boiled the water and add the noodle. leave it for few mins... and eat it lor. i think it tastes better if you cook it properly too.

the most popolar brand for instant noodle in malaysia is maggee mee.

3:39 PM

Blogger DG said...

Who has not tasted instant noodle before?

Me :-)

10:52 AM

Blogger Luna Piena said...

i tried instant noodles while i was living in milano once...
don't know what i saw thinking.
i'm not having anything swimming in soup again... unless of course, it's the arabic soup we all know and love.

anyway... i just wanted to say hi. i know its been a while. i'm still not writing, dont know wt i'm waiting for. but at least i'm comenting again :)


and a belated happy new year!

9:41 PM

Blogger kreth said...

it's still a sad fact that there aren't any korean grocery stores or anywhere in dubai that offers products like shin ramyun.

ramen houses seem few and far between and soup-based meals are almost non-existent save for a few food places here and there. i think it's largely due to the cuisine the culture is used to (as evidenced by the comments left on here). these products will probably never come to market in dubai because, well, there is no market. hehe.

however, for asians like me who are into ramyun and korean cuisine it seems somewhat unavailable at the home level and ironically it's available even in a small country like the philippines.

the directions to a korean grocery store would be a prayer answered.

take care all. :)

11:13 AM

Blogger sd-b said...

Shinramyeon is my favorite Korean instant noodle! I was happy to find the ones in the packet the other day when shopping. But it was almost 3x as expensive as I pay in the states. Oh well, had to satisfy the cravings!

1:16 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

do you guys know where i can buy korean noodles here in dubai?

8:41 PM

Anonymous Zaid Salman said...

MUST HAVE RAMEN! It seems to be nonexistent in dubai, does anyone know where i can find it? Preferably close to Arabian Ranches

9:08 AM


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