Sunday, September 17, 2006

A Letter From Cousin Manju

Dear Cousin Blackfeline,

It's drama of the lowest order back home!....F##k the IMF/WB Conference!...we are in the news again.. worldwide.. for all the wrong reasons. You see...our over zealous government tried to ban 27 civil groups from entering Singapore...labelling them as dangerous elements. However, at the 11th hour,they backed off due to tremendous pressure from the IMF/WB. They agreed to let 22 groups in..the other 5 will have to wait for further instructions. What a ludicrous disaster! And they wanted us to smile...4 millions to be exact...for the delegates. I snubbed their request. Instead, i had sent out an urgent message to our entire clan around the be on full alert. For the female delegates...scratch their faces...for the guys...AIM LOW!
Anyway...Im sending u this letter to let u know Im now officially crowned the Queen of Little India in Singapore! Everybody adores me...they love to squeeze my tummy. Unfortunately, some got carried I scratched them real hard! That's the fun
This will also be my last mail to u know our status are different now. You are just an ordinary feline. I will appreciate if you stop contacting me again. Thank you.

Yours Royal Highness,
Queen Manju


Blogger Cergie said...

Aha ! Hello, black feline !
I'm just passing by that night, I'll come back to morrow to read your post because now, i'm going to sleep.
To morrow also, I'll post two pictures of my terrible lord tiger Muchu.

12:35 AM

Blogger junebee said...

Oh, Miss Manju certainly is too good for us now that she's queen!

Don't worry, Black Feline. We, the faithful blog readers, don't think your too ordinary!

2:40 AM

Blogger Cergie said...

Manju looks funny instead the desesperate situation.
We say "le clown triste" = sad clown.
Often, smilling and awesome persons clowning around are in their deep inside actually desesperate.

8:28 AM

Blogger San Nakji said...

Manju, you musn't break off contact. We are dying to know what happens next!

1:17 AM

Blogger April said...

ha ha ha. this is funny. the joke was lost on me at first. i thought it was letter from a human cousin. when i got to the scratching faces part, i was thinking whoa that's intense.

2:39 PM

Blogger Dubai-Informer said...

RAMADAN KAREEM to all readers and bloggers from the Dubai Informer

12:27 PM

Blogger halfmanhalfbeer said...

BlackFeline: all quiet from you? Come back and blog we are missing you!


7:13 PM

Anonymous muchu said...

Queen Manju, you are still there !!!
Do you never have a walk ?
I'm back in the garden of Cergie.
I'm now behind her house, it's so peaceful !

11:08 AM

Anonymous muchu said...

I am too FAT for you, black feline, and too asleep too, let me at Cergie's home, please !

12:44 PM

Blogger Balushi said...

may a truck ride over u manju!

12:59 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Manju is so kawaii!!
so desirable!!


7:44 PM

Blogger black feline said...

Meow to all..Im back! btw...baluchi...i hope u return as a rat in your next life...and shredded to pieces by all felines!

5:00 PM

Blogger Balushi said...

bf seems like u have not been watchicng Tom and Jerry!

well thank u, i hope to return as a mouse.

5:59 PM

Anonymous BIANCONERO said...

i'm italian
your blog is beautiful
i have got a blog:
you go in my blog and you write a comment

9:21 PM

Blogger black feline said...

alo Mr. Italian...yr blog is in italian...i need to understand b4 i post any comments right? maybe i just say international language...will u forgive me for that? lol

4:45 AM

Blogger Ruben said...

No matter where you are on the globe, problems seem all the same.

4:01 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

bf, din know you change fm bitching to meowing :P


9:01 PM

Blogger Trundling Grunt said...

cute hat.

4:57 AM

Blogger black feline said...

grunt...actually the hat is a clipart from the mobile...nice fit! she looks like Merlin the

7:38 AM


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