Monday, December 04, 2006

Where's My Friskies?

What a grueling run! But if you see an old man (in his 70s) doing the full marathon..will u give up? or a young lady pulling a real car tyre..with a mission in mind...protect our environment...doing the full u still want to give up? She completed it in about 7 hours!

Anyway, everyone got a medal..I asked for a year supply of Friskies instead...the organisers looked at one another for a long while.............

I am contemplating to sign up for the Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon 2007...12th January.


Blogger Cergie said...

I'm proud to be the friend of somebody able to run such a long distance
A medal is better, keep it religiously: food'd not last a very long time and you'd lost memory of that great achievement

2:25 PM

Blogger junebee said...

Your four little paws must be tired. Rest up for the next one!

5:54 AM

Blogger San Nakji said...

It would be crazy to run a marathon in a sub-tropical place like my hometown. It is MORE crazy to run in the tropics of Singapura. It is MOST crazy to run it in a desert. Stop this madness now!

1:42 PM

Anonymous desert lady said...

well done!

2:13 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


run baby run...

5:11 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lovely Dubai :)


2:34 PM

Blogger Stephen Bess said...

That was quite a feat. You deserve your friskies! :)

11:49 PM

Blogger black feline said...

cergie..u are right...memories are very powerful
junebee...glad to see u blogging again...u gearing up for the next
nakji...unfortunately it's too late to
desert lady...hope u try one's very spiritual..
dr@ma div@...hit the road next time...for a different experience..
anonymous...ya..lovely expecting a big bag of friskies from u this keeping my chimney

4:45 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

you did 21!! in Singapore!! me now 5 bodies fall on the ground!!

for me, i had to choose to take jlpt exam this year or i'll never complete it for life! just can't understand why can't one of them change their dates! does running & japanese language clash/ :P

hak mui guai
black rose

7:13 PM

Blogger black feline said...

yes black rose..i did it! hope u join me next year lol

11:14 AM


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