Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Crocheting in Dubai

I love talking to strangers..:) They are everywhere in Dubai..I swear. Everyone here is in the big melting pot....chasing after big bucks primarily. Relationship is impersonal.

This burly man from Pakistan (later found out he's a taxi driver) was standing in the public carpark just outside the office...holding some strange apparatus and his fingers were moving. I was curious enough to check out what he was doing? Crocheting!...and making his own belt! Very smart Let me tell you.....over here...taxis drivers...especially from Pakistan...have bad reputation. Many tales were told by those who supposedly survived the ordeal....scary stuff...including molestation regardless of your gender. After listening long enuff, true or otherwise, you begin to form a certain stereotyping image about them...i.e. they are all BAD!

My own encounter so far...I and large if you show respect, they will reciprocate in return. Just like this guy...he was beaming ear to ear when i praised him.

Anyway, I still can't get over it. Big bearded guy crocheting? It's quite hilarious!
Look at the last photo...he actually removed the belt he was wearing that day! Thank God..the pants stayed put...due to his big belly...i


Blogger Cergie said...

I thought first it was a kind of tool made to open and steal cars... because of the car in the background...
Men are clever with their hands in Dubaï

12:22 PM

Blogger San Nakji said...

You really meet some interesting people. I am glad you are out there telling us about it!

5:25 AM

Blogger black feline said...

cergie...yes u are right...very innovative indeed..don't forget in Dubai at least...majority of the guys left their mothers/wives/gdfriends at home.
nakji...interesting ok...hopefully not some

2:50 PM

Blogger Kanlaya said...

Thought the same as cergie, thought you will tell us about someone try to stole a car! hehe

Oh, not all Pakitan are bad, I knew two drivers in my old company, they are Pakitani, and I can say they are great persons. :-) Very helpful, polite, hamble. Bad or good persons cannot judge by their where they were born though.

Thanks for story and photo!

7:40 PM


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