Saturday, April 21, 2007

Talking to me?

"Yes...Camel. Please do be careful what u are putting into your mouth!"

Just my luck...this morning (in fact almost closed to 12pm) on the highway along Sharjah...spotted 3 hungry camels came out from nowhere making their way to a provision shop. A few boxes filled with discarded vegetables lying near the entrance.( I must warn them to be careful...not the habitants of the shop but the poor creatures of the desert.)

Last Thursday, it was reported that on average, Dubai residents throw away more than a tonne each of waste every year, one of the highest per capital anywhere in the world.

According to Dr. Ulrich Wernery, a 20 year UAE resident and founder of the Emirates Environmental Group, many domestic and wild animals (camels, donkeys..etc) have died from eating plastic bottles, food wrappings jettisoned by a careless public into makeshift dumps or along quiet stretches of highway.


The price of progress?


Blogger Cergie said...

You met camels in your true life and I met wolves in my dream

Eheheh !

They seem awesome
Like their colour accorded to the colour of the sand

I don't like sand. It is flying everywhere and then enter in eyes and nose

(Is it your car ?)

5:21 PM

Blogger Cergie said...

Even the sky has such a strange camel colour...

5:21 PM

Blogger junebee said...

They should separate their waste (the people, not the camels). In the U.S., most cities have recycling, paper and plastic are put in seperate containers and picked up by a differnet truck than the rest of the garbage.

But in the U.S., marine life regularly chokes on fishing line, plastic, and other things discarded into the waterways. :(

9:01 PM

Blogger nzm said...

It happens out at sea too.

Turtles, dolphins and whales eat plastic bags - mistaking them for jellyfish. :-(

4:00 PM

Blogger San Nakji said...

The cost for being to rich huh?

I would like to try some camel :)

5:23 AM

Blogger black feline said...

cergie...wait till u encounter a sandstorm...scary...that's not my car...:)Mine is not on pic... is the way i guess..
nzm...that's quite odd...don't they have a sense of taste?
nakji...u mean eating one?

2:47 PM

Blogger Cergie said...

It may happen sometimes that sand comes until my roof in Cergy
The car and the roof window are then dirty because of the sand carried by the wind from desert...

5:39 PM


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