Monday, April 16, 2007

Lonely in Dubai

Ok...anyone out there who has NEVER done text massaging (SMS) before? If you can prove it...I promise not to eat any doggie for a year!
The seemingly harmless SMS facility on mobile phones led a father to get hooked on to flirtatious text messages to the extent that he threatened to kiss his family after his wife confronted him.
Dubai is a boys' club. Period. If he is working here alone...unless he's monk otherwise there's no way he is going to curb the hunger pang. Not many are bold enuff to pick up those night (day too) birds along Deira. Too risky. Clubbing is touch and go event. Interest groups(painting eg...ya sure) only for desperate housewives. Cyclone( the infamous meat market in Dubai) is a ripped off. So the next best thing to do....registered with a text message agency which enables men and women to get in touch with one another. Loneliness is dreadful thing.
If you are an alcoholic, at least you can signed up with AA. Im not so sure about texts
Yes, Im a confirmed addict(not the kinky type..strictly business). Prove it? My right thumb is the size of a lollipop!
Maybe for those desperate and lonely ones....get a cold shower!
Anything wrong with the red texts? spot it


Blogger nzm said...

yup - I can imagine his family running away screaming at the threat of a fatal kiss!

2:19 PM

Blogger black feline said...

lol...wakie wakie...well done!

2:46 PM

Blogger Stephen Bess said...

I just don't have the patience for texting. :)

10:56 PM

Blogger San Nakji said...

If my dad threatened to kiss me, well I would give him anything he wanted! Ha ha ha!

3:57 AM

Blogger Marthyan said...

Dubai is a great place to live

7:34 AM

Blogger Cergie said...

SMS was very useful when my daughter was living in Germany It was a good way to contact her when we were travelling and so we could say we are here or we are lost or w'll arrive soon
Very practical
It was at that moment we learned to write SMS We had no need of that before

11:17 PM

Blogger junebee said...

I have never text-messaged in my life. All the phone services here charge per text message or add a hefty monthly fee for unlimited texting. I'd rather pay their regular Internet fee and check my regular e-mail.

5:10 AM

Blogger black feline said... are the pro with real keep away from the lazy people fixation like
nakji...the stupid man made an about turn...with a happy ending..:).that's nice!
marthyan...u think so?
cergie..sms is so easy..b4, e, wht...etc

junebee...good on u...stay out from the addiction...look at hands are

3:20 PM


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