Wednesday, July 04, 2007

"Let the wind caress your face..."

"In the wind
you long to be
Far from life's
Feeling the wind
rush through your
Taking you back to
a freer time
When you and the
road felt as one.."

On the first day in Ho Chi Minh client Mr. Vu was kind enuff to offer me a "ride of your life time!" to the exhibition hall. I did that in Bali (riding without a and already tried during my last trip in Vietnam. Angelina and Brad did it too not long ago.

Biking is the main mode of travelling for most in HCM city for now before the proposed Metro kicks off in a year or two. In the midst of chaos...amazingly there is a certain sense of orderliness. Ladies (look at my translator Jasmin), guys, old, of 4 on a bike....etc a common sight...daily on the streets....traffic lights are only for decoration...if you know what i traffic police... dump your safety helmet into the Saigon river. Just not suffocate the rider... hold on to the metal grip behind you. Hundreds of riders will offer you the thrill for an hour thru the city for a mere US$1. Choose your pick carefully...if you are not keen in some kinky massage..."nice boy...nice girl"...just declined the rider politely. Put on your iShuffle...."Living La Vida Loca" in full blast...close your eyes and let the wind caress your face! (The grand old dame...Rex Hotel....a famous haunt for the american soldiers during the Vietnam War)


Blogger Peter said...

Thanks for this and trust that there will be more!

Traffic is impressive, but I never felt in danger when crossing a street in Vietnam: cars, bikes, scooters... always avoid you in the last second!

Rex; yes still a compulsory visit for a glass or two!

(I beleive you never saw my post about Vietnam June 15?)

12:35 PM

Blogger junebee said...

With the high price of gasoline in the U.S., I have been trying to convince my husband to let me get one of these small motorbikes for local errands.

5:54 AM

Blogger Cergie said...

In the past every body spoke French in Vietnam, because this country was a part of France
It is no more trhe case now
It is weird to see these engines it is not very good for the global warming, to avoid it, it would be better to still ride a bicycle, isn't it ?

7:06 PM

Blogger Peter said...

Very much pleased to see you back visiting several posts on my (photo) blog today. I trust you did not miss the "address" to my real blog?

12:17 PM

Blogger All Blog Spots said...

nice blog

9:28 PM

Blogger San Nakji said...

See my previous comment :)

That looks like fun. Dangerous fun that San will NEVER do! ;o)

1:48 AM

Blogger Peter said...

Sincere thanks for the visits you just made to so many of my recent posts!

Yes, you "found it"!!

Answer to two of your questions:
Yes, you had already commented on the "other church", but on my other blog ("Peter - photos").
Yes, there is a "Paloma song" and at the very bottom of my post I had actually made a link to the song.

Appreciate very much the time you took... and I got the opportunity to come back here and again see your nice smile, when sitting on the scooter!!

10:19 AM

Blogger black feline said... are u? by the way..the lady on the scooter was my a cat remember? lol
Junebee...welcome are u doing? miss the kids...listen...just get it and tell him
cergie...u r right...but that's the price of modernity..
nakji...u will love it!

10:52 AM

Blogger Peter said...

I'm fine, thanks! Sorry for the mistake. But the lady was in black (and your cat is white)... I'm confused!

1:59 PM


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