Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Death for Nothing

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That's the slogan put up by friends of the two youths killed...that more or less triggered the riots in Paris.

The following essay is a good reminder for all, not just the youths.
By Melvin, Age 12, Statewide Winner
Individual Written Expression, 10-14 Year-old Category (USA)

"Violence is often started by unresolved conflict. People are getting teased, bullied, picked on and called names. People react to these acts differently. Some people are able to walk away and ignore it, but some become very angry, often committing a violent act. What can we do to help stop the teasing, taunting, the bullying and the acts of violence with today's youth?

One mature way to stop violence before it starts is by showing mutual respect. Some people act like mutual respect is hard to abide by, but it's simple. If you want to receive respect you have to give respect.

I can promote mutual respect by first having self-respect. I would start by being kind, pleasant, and having hospitality. I would also be respectful of people's religion, race, and looks. Respect is a strong word that my teachers, family, friends, and coaches talk about, but what does it mean to me? That is all that counts. I can't just give a small amount of respect and expect a larger amount in return.

Respect is a strong word, so make it a habit and not just another word. If everyone just showed mutual respect, I believe that the teasing, taunting, bullying and acts of violence would decrease."


Blogger The Devil's Advocate said...

Sometimes it defies logic how people will deny their own reasoning. The ability to empathise is so underrated that if it were a commodity it's shares would trade at a price that would begger snapping them all up.

As kids we all get taught the same principles but somehow no one knows what anything means anymore. In the UAE for example being "respectable" means driving a flashy car and not speaking your mind, even if you know what's happening around you is wrong. The complacency is shocking. I believe it's probably not only here but I refrain from commenting on cultures I am notr in personal day-to-day contact with

11:28 AM

Blogger black feline said...

perhaps...its the new found wealth and recognition...material over principles..it's me me me...it's the me generation!

2:05 PM


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