Monday, November 07, 2005

Les Miserables

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On his return from exile, Victor Hugo proclamed "Yes, I love Paris as it is today. I wouldn't have liked to see the Boulogne as in the time when it was full of cabs, barouches and landaus. The city appeals to me now when it is a morass, a ruin... It is beautiful, it is magnificent!" Yes even today..not just Paris..France is indeed magnificent! However, the past 10 days of riots in most poor suburbs put a big question mark to her self prided social model...Violence in any form is condemned! Putting more polices is only going to contain the problem no doubt..eventually. By addressing the root of the issue will have a long last positive effect on the country as a whole.It is a known fact, the inhabitants (poor arabs/africans etc) at the suburbs are marginalised for a long time coming.All it needs is the innocent deaths of two youngsters to triggered off the explosion.The authorities are blaming the drug traffickers and muslim militants..Yes the Law has to stand firm the same token..i think..respect and equal opportunities must be given to all..regardless of your colour, status and religion.


Blogger kingfisher said...

This is a sensitive issue. Most of the black african youths at issue here are from Algeria, France's former colony. They were angry when Frnace ruled their country, they were angry after France departed their country. Millions of them were granted immigrant status to the land of their former oppressor. They came, they saw, they went shopping, and they are still angry... who exactly has a problem here?

Postscript: does anyone really mind that a bunch of Peugeots have been torched? I call that a pretty good start!

4:52 PM

Blogger black feline said...

if thats the case..i dont read very much of vietnamese problem..i am quite sure they have also being marginalised. Perhaps, it has to do with perspective of one owes u a hard and u will be there. I might be a bit biased..i have worked with the french..generally they are quite snobbish...however, they are pretty ok with me because they know i dont take their shit. I had an encounter couple of years ago leaving NICE to Paris by local flight and thereafter connecting flight to was screwed up by the airline. They tried to wash their hands off..i fought nails and claws literally there and one night free accomodation.
I hate Renault..LOL

5:53 PM

Blogger kingfisher said...

Yeah, while we're bashing the frogs - they do make lousy cars! And they're smelly and don't bathe often enough. They haven't had a decent movie star since Alain Delon, or a decent writer since St. Exupery was shot down. No good original thinkers since JP Sartre and Simone de Beuvoir died... Milan Kundera writes in French, but he doesn't count 'cause he's Czech, and an immigrant... maybe that's why he's so good. Don't even get me started on the emotionally retarded French Canadians (in Quebec) who have been holding an entire nation hostage over the issue of their own cultural vitality... (it's fine, but they're too dumb to notice, and so is the rest of Canada).
Whew... feel better? You bet!

3:08 PM

Blogger black feline said... sure hate them to the core..dont count me in dont want to create another May 68 for such scary remarks!

6:04 PM


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