Saturday, July 22, 2006

Campbell in hot soup....again!

I love Tom Yam Kai...Thai Sour and Spicy Chicken Soup! No canned soup for me..all ingredients MUST be fresh!

"The cook was hired to prepare a romantic dinner for two for Campbell and her millionaire boyfriend, Dubai prince Badr Jafar, on his boat docked on the Tuscan coast. However, the model was clearly not pleased with the chef’s choice of a starter of tomato, ham, and mozzarella with a local white wine.

Witnesses claim Campbell screamed at the chef and that they could hear the sound of plates being broken and that she only calmed down after Jafar stepped in."
I think the lady is mad! I suggest she adds the word "ANGER" to her name: Ms Naomi Anger Campbell...more for the safety of those who have the misfortune of serving least they are forewarned!

My late father was easily irritated. Many years ago..i still remember to this day..during a slight argument, he literally smashed a metal was badly dented and one of the heavy duty hinges came off....i walked away.

Last year, one of the a fit of anger over some trivial matters...actually ripped off the entire telephone and smashed it to the floor....the sponsor looked at me...and both of us simply walked away.

Anger is such a destructive emotion..

By the way...if you were the chef then...what utensil would u used to defend yourself? a carving knife, a pot, a chopping board, an axe...etc?

How do u manage anger?..yours or otherwise.Do share :)


Blogger MD said...


well, when im angry, i completely avoid the person who is pissing me off and i just go silent. i prefer keeping quiet and going for a drive or listening to music to calm myself. i hate destroying things or physically abusing someone.

anger can become a sickness too. yikes. campbell sucks. period.

12:27 AM

Anonymous zingtrial said...

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5:27 AM

Blogger Taunted said...

I love Tom Yam soup - home made of course - there's a great Thai shop in Karama, they have everything you could ever need.

And Naomi's a whore.

10:10 AM

Blogger Tainted Female said...

I hate this woman, more than anything. Every time her name appears in the paper its showing just one other side of her shitty personality.


And I express my anger in different ways really, depending on what I'm angry at. I don't break shit (though I have done so in the past - when I was much younger)... I don't really make a scene in public, but have NO PROBLEM shouting over the phone.

I can completely lose it, depending on how pissed off I am and at who - most usually the height of my anger is directed at me.

But, anger with me is like most of my emotions... passing quicker than I can blink. I suppose that's a good thing. Unless you're Emirates bank, cause those bitches got on my grudge list. Just thinking about them gets me in a rage!

12:34 PM

Blogger Cergie said...

Coucou Black Feline dear !

When I'm angry, I ever say what I feel because it's better so even if it's difficult. It's necessary to discuss and don't conceal problems. In fact I just do so with my family. Because it's useless to fight with somebody you don't love and you will no more see.

But now I rather be hungry with your soap picture !

12:36 PM

Blogger San Nakji said...

I bottle it up inside ready to explode when it is most destructive ;oP

I would have used the chopping board. I don't like blood, but I do like maximum carnage!

11:30 PM

Blogger TwinTopaz said...

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10:11 AM

Blogger TwinTopaz said...

I just step on the tail..BF be careful

10:13 AM

Blogger Hot Lemon& Honey said...

When I get angry...I hate to admit this but I start off sounding angry for 23 seconds then I start crying..and walk away..usually I regret walking away and not finishing saying what I am angry about. Have you ever asked your self how would you like others to respond to your anger?
If I was the chef, I would cover her head with a metal pot and bang on it with a metal spoon (very hard).

8:05 AM

Blogger nzm said...

I wouldn't use a kitchen utensil, I'd use the law and sue the pants off her for harrassment. With her reputation, I'd say that I'd have a pretty good chance of winning!

When I get angry, I can react in several ways: silence, yelling, crying. But it's all so negative and to react is to not be in control.

If I can catch myself before I react, I will respond, which means that I think about how I'm going to interact with whoever/whatever's made me angry and try to reply in a way that will fix the issue, not make it into a bigger deal.

There are times when I still want to punch a wall, but I do believe that I'm getting better at it - honest!

12:25 AM

Blogger psamtani said...

woman, stay away from my group blog!

11:19 PM

Blogger Ruben said...

I love your descriptions of food. I' always left hungry though.:)

12:59 AM

Blogger Godknows said...

Iam not a Thai food fan but I love this dish. Very iteresting post. Thanks for sharing us Black Feline

6:40 AM

Blogger Balushi said...

i though this Niger was helping poor kids and all that...

5:55 PM

Blogger Cergie said...

I find Naomi Campbell still so young and pretty. I'm wondering me how old she is and how it may be possible...

9:28 PM

Blogger black feline said...

Maybe there's really a co relation between food and anger..i suspect Madam Campbell was deprived in her younger days (she'd in her 30s i think Cergie but at the rate she is going...getting angry at every single thing...she will probably looks 80s very think most of us have better anger management...Baluchi...the N word used is's a no no..

6:00 AM

Blogger April said...

so long since i've been by. sorry.
naomi seems to really have a problem. i wonder if it has anything to do with drugs. pure heresay of course. but i had a manager who would have fits just like that, and he was such a cokehead.

but maybe she just has a diva complex. she's like a cobra.

6:26 AM

Blogger black feline said...


Welcome back...hope u had a good break..:) Perhaps she's really on some kind of medication...or just a mad

7:05 AM


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