Monday, August 28, 2006

Masala Dubai Part 02

The truth be told...I rarely touch indian foods..except for the occasional Tandoori Chicken, Naan and Lassi...the rest is out of bound. Just don't know how to enjoy..maybe it's the spices."How would u survive in Dubai?" friends asked. I replied: "It's a bliss...lots of salads, fruits, juices, chicken and fish !" Anyway, Dubai is so's not just indian foods..:)

Anyway, indians are really funny people...
Ringggggggggggggggggggg.....I picked up the phone...and before i could say anything...from the other end: "Yes, tell me!"
"Tell u what? u are the one who's calling me!" I was really fuming. It's the same....always. My indian friends have no idea..."It's just a normal reaction!" they laughed.

Any masala tales to share? Nothing racist pls!


Blogger San Nakji said...

I love Indians, I love Indian food. I really don't have any masala tales to share though... Would love to go there, I am sure it is a facinating place.

2:11 AM

Blogger junebee said...

My husband worked with a subcontractor who always called with questions. The guy promised to be "veddy brief" but it was always a long, involved problem.

We started referring to this guy as "Very Briefly" and when my husband left that project, I prophesized, "you haven't heard the end of Very Briefly." Sure enough, V.B. called my husband again, with more "veddy brief" questions! My husband was surprised at my prescience!

Around the house, we tell each other if we're doing something quickly, we will say "veddy briefly".

My husband said at one job, he was in the restroom and loud Bollywood music was emanating from the next stall!

4:55 AM

Blogger Cergie said...

I dont know what is masala tale.

In France, when somebody call you by phone, you just say "allo", and wait that person must say his name first.
"Allo !"
"Allo, I'm Cergie..."
In Germany, when you are called, you say your name first.
"Allo, Black Feline".
"Ah ! Black Feline, I'm Cergie, I wanted just... "

4:49 PM

Blogger Stephen Bess said...

I have no actual Indian tales, but I did know a woman once from Trinidad. She introduced me to a lot of spices from India because it is part of her heritage. The funny thing was when we were out and we would come across an Indian person, family or group. They would always stare at her because her features were very Indian, but she was obviously mixed with black as well. It was always funny to me because they didn't seem to know if they should speak or not. :)

9:35 PM

Blogger April said...

these are some funny stories. i wish i had some, but alas, i don't. only that indian men, for whatever reason, tend to take a strong liking to me (i've had 2 indian boyfriends and numerous indian suitors). i don't know what it is, but the woman at the indian reastaurant that i frequent swears its my eyes.

and i LOVE LOVE LOVE indian food. the spices appeal to me. it's probably one of my favorite types of food. i feel about ethiopian food the same way you feel about indian food. i even want to like ethiopian food, but it just tastes off to me.

4:48 PM

Blogger Tainted Female said...

You don't eat butter chicken?! WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?!

8:52 AM

Blogger Cergie said...

I wonder how it may be possible that a country which does not like to have girl babies may at the same time be abble to accept to be leaded by women.

Sorry, I don't thing that it was that kind of massala story you were waiting.

2:29 PM

Blogger black feline said...

apologies for the late response...rather busy lately..:)
Nakji...i look forward to your trip to India..with lots of interesting shots..
Junebee..i think it has to do with their language..tongue rolling etc the korean and japanese have difficulties innunciating the letter "g" the word august will be pronounced without the "g"
cergie...i guess it's a cultural thing sure it's not just your beauty..but your brilliant and artistic mind as well..
My queen...that's NEVER our diet....i rather stop breathing..
Cergie...India had a Lady boss b4...The iconic Indira Gandhi

4:53 AM

Blogger Cergie said...

She was who I was thinking about.

I cannot resist: fabulous !
The Fab Four !

12:29 PM

Blogger Balushi said...

i dont mind anyone eating indians food AS LONG AS THEY DONT FART!!

3:06 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just travelled to India, that its the most diverse place on earth. You can find the richest to the poorest in the world, from the most hygenic to the most unhygenic ... from amazing men to horrible toads. Its intense, mysterious, refreshing. India reminds me of the story of elephant and 5 blind men ... each had their own view, but nobody saw the truth. There are odd ones who will find India shitty, just like a blind man putting his hand up the elephant's arse.
Some of the Indian men and women were drop dead gorgeous, food is awesome and the yoga - out of the world.

11:17 AM


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