Sunday, July 08, 2007

A Watering Hole

The Starbucks cafe in Musallah Tower is my favorite watering you should know by now. Yesterday, that crazy "Eddie Murphy" from Senegal introduced his friend, Issa (same country) to me. I wasn't keen to entertain another "movie star" until he showed me his "big" thing...yes in the cafe! Anyway, will post it once I finished with Vietnam.
One early morning, I requested Mr. Ho to give me a ride on his bike and show me a nice place in Ho Chi Minh City where the locals enjoy gathering for coffee and snacks.
The Serenata is a cosy little cafe only known to the locals...great! It was 8.30am...we chose to sit out...the aromatic smell of vietnamese drip coffee filled the air...the owner was on the piano inside...."Memory" from the musical "Cats". A perfect morning.


Blogger Peter said...

How I wish I could have shared the coffee with you at the Serenata!

Personally I'm more curious about Vietnam than about Issa's "big thing", but it's perhaps not a shared opinion!

1:53 AM

Blogger San Nakji said...

Nothing is better than a country with a great cafe culture. The French did leave something of use after all!

Big thing? ewwwww!

2:24 AM

Blogger Cergie said...

"Watering hole" and "cafe" is the same I wonder ?
I know that it is possible to find French bread in vietnam, in fact they use to eat French bread, another rest of French invasion I presume

8:27 PM


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