Sunday, November 13, 2005

Im dreaming of a white christmas

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Ya Im a nut..i know it's a bit early..but surely there's no crime to spread the yuletide spirit now...wonder what it is going to be liked in Dubai?
Peace to mankind..better living environment and remunerations especially for those who toil under the sun..10 in a small room..working 6 and the half days per week.getting 650Dhm per month..and not always on a regular basis is plain exploitation. May all these rotten bosses be buried alive by sandstorm!
In a recent article(7 Nov 2005) published by the Arab American Institute, Mr. James Zogby, the President made the following comments:
"France and the rest of Europe are learning now that 'guest workers', in their third generation and still denied justice, are not only a shame that eats at the moral fibre of a society, they are also a time bomb waiting to explode..In this region, as well, in many places, workers, be they Palestinians or other Arabs or south Asians, are trapped in horrible conditions, denied justice and their basic humanity"
In conclusion, the article also made the following observation:

More than 10 million foreign workers and three million of their family members live in the energy-rich Gulf Cooperation Council
(GCC) which groups Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
Over the past few months, thousands of low-paid Asian workers staged protests, some violent, in Kuwait, Qatar and Dubai in UAE, for maltreatment and not receiving salary on time.
Foreigners in GCC states are bound by the "sponsor" system, a regulation that restricts the workers' movements and puts them at the mercy of their employers, cited as the main cause for their plight.
It is adopted by all Gulf states and has been blasted by human rights bodies as akin to slavery.

Dubai has a great vision mapped out for her future..and along the way.. I hope she will also strives to be a shining beacon of fairness for all...specifically a stronger system in place to address the issues of "guest workers"

"Switch off the f##king light!"
"Shut up!Im sending an early Christmas eCard to Santa Claus...i want my iPod"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Its very nice to see christmas advanced wishes on your site. it shows the real Oasis in Dubai..but its very nice"

10:51 PM

Blogger black feline said...

heard..the expats will celebrate the festive big time in most hotels i bet

11:29 AM


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