Monday, July 09, 2007

The "Big" Thing

When he walked into Starbucks....I was stunned for a moment..the sky blue costume was so overwhelming. Issa is a good friend of "Eddie Murphy"...also from Senegal. He has 3 wives...9 kids..two more on the way. The amazing thing....all livng under one roof!
" No fighting at all?"
" no no...we happy familee...hahahahahahahaha!"
"Sorry...u don't mind me u sleep together...i mean..the four of you?"
"hahahahahahahaahah...u bery no no house...we have 5 rooms...each wife one room...the children sleep together...hahahahahahaha...u bery funny...i like!"
15 minutes later...yes i shorten the story...i have to use the same line again.
"listen....i want do bisiness with you...i have many projack in Senegal..u come with me...u meeting my ambassador in Abu Dhabi...bery nice man...bery friendly..he tell you ok?"I almost dozed off .......then he pulled back one of his sleeves....suddenly I was almost blinded by some BIG SHINING OBJECT!
"What the heck is that?"
"You like? we can make money together!"
"Can I touch it?"...Yes I was gullible...but i need to know whether it's a fake!
" hard for you...i honest man..we make money together." By now, I was too engrossed with the watch to pay any attention.
"I think about it and will let you know next week." This is Dubai...


Blogger Peter said...

He may be looking for a fourth wife? Curious to know your answer!

12:19 AM

Blogger black feline said...

peter...this time im laughing loudly..hahahahahahahaahahah...remember im a cat? hahahahaahahahahah..

6:42 AM

Blogger junebee said...

Reminds me of the movie "Coming to America"! I think that was the movie's name, the one where Eddie Murphy played a prince of an unnamed African nation who went to Queens, NY to search for a woman to be his, well, queen.

4:24 AM

Blogger Cergie said...

Exactly what I wanted to say, exactly what said Peter, he knows how are all guys !
I'm a gal and I say the same
We were Peter and I not born for the last rain (In French = nés de la dernière pluie)
You know it is not better for a cat female, she never manage to keep the father of her kitten near her to take care of them !!!

In the past it was usual to be numerous in the same house
In the same bed too : so it was more easy to be hot to sleep
It was another time...
Now is it better ?
There are so many persons living alone, without anybody to visit them
Old persons for instance

7:21 PM

Blogger Drama Div@ said...

No offence, but i've read about the Nigerian scam, fake lottery scam etc.. they were normally feuding people's money... but maybe this gentleman from senegal is a true gentleman.. who knows?

3:15 PM

Blogger Peter said...

I have been away for some ten days and when I come back there is nothing new from you? Something going on with the gentleman from Senegal?

4:52 AM

Blogger Godknows said...

Wow, I love your story. I think the tenth wife is waiting for him and He can have a football team haha

6:10 AM

Blogger d. chedwick bryant said...

beautiful blue--I would like to be sitting across from him for awhile---

8:13 PM

Blogger black feline said...

hi to all,

meow...Im back..hibernating from the crazy
By the way..the crazy Issa is arranging a meeting for us to meet a lady from Cameroon..about some biz..i think.

10:23 PM

Blogger San Nakji said...

I've seen bigger :P

1:37 AM

Blogger Cuckoo said...

My first time here and I must say it's not the last time. :)

Keep up the good work.

lol @Peter's statement. Fourth wife ??

11:39 AM


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