Monday, August 06, 2007

The Men's Club

If you ever plan to take a nice stroll in the evening during this time of the year...especially by the creek in it after 8pm. Otherwise you will be totally drenched...yes DRENCHED! if you just got out from the sauna...within 10 minutes. Pretty lady with mascara..try it..i guarantee..u will get a big part in The Rocky Horror Picture Show!
Anyway..the 3 of us decided to take a walk around the old Bastikiya to the museum. And just around the corner...we stumbled upon a wooden shack ! A group of local guys (not young) were sitting outside..smoking shisha and laughing away. One of them waved us over.
"Excuse this a clubhouse?" I volunteered.
"Yes..yes...come..come..u want tea?"
"Is it for men only? can we take a peek?"
"No problem..u go in..but take off your shoes..and just say 'I love you!'...hahahahahahahaha!"
The entire place is air conditioned..a group of guys were sitting on cushions. Some were watching the telly...a group at one corner were playing Domino..another were just chatting and laughing. One of them waved to me to sit beside him. I took the opportunity to probe further.
"Yes...the ladies have their own meeting place..only the here to take a look"
"Any hanky panky?" I asked.
A blank stare.
"Everyday..we come here 4pm..go home 2am..we tea..eating..u want join us tonite?"


Blogger Peter said...

So will you go back regularly? Amazing to see how much time (some) men seem to have over there!

10:51 AM

Blogger San Nakji said...

It may be just me, but a men only club sounds really really boring...

12:55 AM

Blogger black feline said...

peter...they need a belly dancer..what do you think? lol
nakji...oh don't be fooled..i am quite sure there's hanky panky around...i shall probe of them mentioned they have filipino ladies who came "visiting"

5:48 PM

Blogger Peter said...

Thanks for these further explanations: belly dancers, fillipino ladies... I imagine you should be careful before returning!

12:26 PM

Anonymous co tim said...

hahaha... "hanky panky" I have only read those words in Sunday's comics (Acorn Place), never heard it in real life.

1:04 PM


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