Sunday, August 26, 2007

The other woman...

"My wife is coming this week..please..arrange a good dinner..I don't care about the price..good one ok? and u must come along. She trusts you." Before I could uttered anything, the line was cut off abruptly. The frantic guy on the other line is my client...from Fujeirah. In his late 40s..not much in the look fact extremely ugly...chain smoker as well. However, he is a very shrewd businessman from Malaysia. Thank my lucky star...he has given me many orders.
Many asian men...who travel regularly abroad...especially to China... love to keep "little birdies". Our keeping a sweet, young thing from China...and of all places..found her in Fujeirah. Met her the house...she does all the cooking, well as providing "games" adults play behind closed door. After staying with him...she stopped "selling her smile". And the ugly thing like to brag a lot " She is not like the rest..after my money...we 'talk hearts'"
So I chose the Eauzone at the Royal Mirage...

Nice ambience...good food..and the price tag...about 300 Dhm per head. He's lucky...that evening was a "dry night"..meaning no alcohol.
Prior to the dinner...we stopped over at the Jumeirah Medinat and he bought his wife a full set of belly dancing costume..about 600 Dhm. I was looking at her from a distance..after 3 kids....I know it's wicked of me..but really she needs more than belly dancing classes to
trim down the "tree trunk" waistline.
During dinner..

"You know..back in Singapore..a young girl from Malaysia killed her married lover...and chopped him into many pieces..put in the frig...tightly sealed up..for one whole year!" Mary, his wife related the story rather excitedly.
With the hammou still in my mouth, I looked at the ugly man sitting across me and managed to said something real stupid " Shall we order dessert?"

One week later..he rewarded me with 3000dhm for a job "well done". Who am I to bear grudges with $$$? It's his problem anyway.


Blogger San Nakji said...

Money really helps the ugly. Yay for money! :P

At least it worked out food for you. Not sure about the girl...

9:49 AM

Blogger junebee said...

Ooh, such luxurious places you get to go, BF!

8:52 PM

Blogger Cergie said...

I was first anxious, I thought you must cook the dinner and then I understand that it was not the case
I think it is less difficult for you so

This guy is clever : If you had to provide the dinner it will be rather mice or lizards...

11:17 PM

Blogger black feline said...

nakji..u r dinner..why not? lol
junebee...wish u could join me the next time around :)
cergie...i really dont like to cook for lizard...but i might cook

6:43 PM

Blogger Drama Div@ said...

LOL! pity the wife[who needs lots of trimming] who believes that her two timing hubby can really stick with one "smile"....

sometimes a jerk is just a jerk!

11:02 AM


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