Friday, December 14, 2007

Help! the aliens are coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am looking forward to this fun project...just 10 minutes from where Im staying. And the park is one of the bests in town....well maintained.
"The main attractions are spread across five domes of fun, each one offering a unique experience. Inside one dome is 'D3D' hi-tech edutainment theatre offering laser shows, 2D immersive video, 3D shows, 3D interactive games and corporate events, whilst 'Lunar Snow' leads children into a world beyond imagination where they can have fun with real snow all year round. They also have 'Zero Gravity' kids zone where kids can enjoy rock-wall climbing, roller-skating or the ultimate in soft indoor rides. There is also 'No Speed Limit' a high-speed electric Go-Karting and a head-spinning family rollercoaster appropriately called the 'Spinning Earth' along with the '9D Journey' a 2D + 3D + 4D virtual rides in a row with one admission. Other features include, the Children's Academy, the Bermuda Triangle of hi-tech mazes and the fun filled Leisure Triangle. An ideal social rendezvous, Stargate offers a multi-cuisine food court under a magnificent glazed pyramid which provides a natural ambience, both day and night. A combination of internationally recognized cafes and health bars are also located throughout the complex. Five corridors or wings of the spaceship provide exhibition and retail spaces on various captivating themes. The 500 meter 'Foot Coaster' is Dubai's first completely indoor jogging, walking and cycling track in a climate-controlled environment. "
Hope ET will grace the grand


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