Friday, October 12, 2007

Angels and Demons...

Not by Dan Brown. I think there's a bit of both in all of us. We have a dark side.
Marcus, from the Philippines, works in a photocopying shop in Dubai. He has an IT degree but he is only doing printing job. 3 months into the job...he's already restless. Back in Manila, he was working part time as a dancer in a gay bar for 3 yrs until his family found out.
Out of curiosity...
" have to put on a costume while doing the erotical dance?" I asked. "like what? feathers? G...." I stopped, trying to control my laughter.
He was avoiding my question...I sensed his embarassment. But, I probed further.
"How many have u bedded? I mean with the clients?"
"More than 200?" He nodded.
"Why you did it?"
Finally he replied: "For my family."
Recently, he has a new GUESS watch given by a Lebanese lady (in her 40s) for a 3 hrs service of you know what. And a pair of NIKE shoes from a Chinese lady (also in her 40s).
By the way...he's only 24.
(The above photos taken in a hotel at Bur Dubai. One of my favorite haunts...for authentic japanese food!)


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